Family law: new issues in digital times

Legal issues related to the family are also affected by technological changes. For example, how to deal with child custody when parents move to another country? How to deal with alimony issues when one of the spouses works in a foreign country? This article will present some of the legal issues related [...]

Digital law: a growing area

Digital law is a constantly evolving area, and the issues that arise can be quite complex. For example, how do you guarantee the protection of user data in a mobile application? How to deal with a data breach in a company? A lawyer specializing in digital law can help guide clients through [...]

Ever-changing legislation

Laws are always evolving, and this is especially true in areas related to technology and the internet. Every day, new laws and regulations emerge that affect companies and individuals in their online activities. In this context, it is essential for lawyers to keep up to date and informed about the latest developments. This [...]